About Us

Who are We?
We are a small team of indie developers with a passion for game development & social MMO style games.
What is Piffsy?
Piffsy is a Free-to-Play Social MMO where you can Explore, Play, Build, Socialize & much much more in our brand new Massively Multiplayer Open World! Embark on a Solo adventure or with Friends!.. Whether you want to hang out and just shoot the breeze with Text & Voice Chat or even round up a few buddies and go Loot Gem collecting together and share the rewards with the party! You could even just grab a vehicle and go exploring at high speed or set a fast lap time in one of the great Game Zones that can be found across the world. Explore from great heights too in one of our luxury helicopters. We hope we have a little something for everybody, whether you enjoy changing your fashion styles regularly with hugely Customizable Avatars or enjoy helping people along the way with our Mentors Programme. Fancy yourself as a bit of a Real Estate guru? Then why not grab one of our rentable houses to Decorate to your liking! We do also have a our very own Creators Platform that allows players to Design and submit their own creations into the 3D world! Those creations can then be sold to other players for virtual currency! Do you have what it takes to become a virtual world class fashion designer? Are you more of seasoned architect? You'll be glad to know that you can also submit custom 3D models via our Creators Platform. So come support us and build your new virtual home!
Why Though?
Other Social MMO's are dying due to lack of development we have even seen a few of our favorite ones close their doors completely, you all deserve a new home right?