Creator Guidelines

By enrolling and accessing the creators programme you are agreeing to the below guidelines set out, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local copyright laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing the Creators Programme.
Rule Book
Piffsy is aimed at all ages, which is why we have to set out a few rules when it comes to creating new custom content for the world.
  • Do not submit any copyrighted material that you do not own. We will not accept this.
  • Do not submit any textures that would make an avatar appear to be naked. All avatars must be clothed.
  • Do not submit any content that contains any form of racism, homophobic or content that is sexually offensive.
  • Do not submit any content that contains anything illegal
  • Do not submit any content that contains anything that would be considered offensive, vulgar or inappropriate for a younger audience.
  • Do not submit any content that could be used to directly attack another player in, this could be text or images.
Foul Play
Maintaining the creator submissions is a mammoth of a task for us due to the nature of the content we allow. The longest part is merely ensuring that no copyrighted content is allowed into world, should that rule and any of the others above be violated you will incur a penalty as set out below.
  • Strike 1 - Submission is rejected
  • Strike 2 - Submission is rejected, we warn you again of the rules set out above.
  • Strike 3 - Submission is rejected with no refund and you will be removed from the creators programme.